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Fresh food. Fresh ideas. Fresh Perspectives.

Hi there, I am Sarah! I am a registered dietitian. I love the idea of creating fresh perspectives on familiar things.

I love to make recipes that take a little of what you know and add in a little of the unexpected.

I like making people look at the bigger picture of why they do what they do, and most of all, I enjoy seeing the world with fresh eyes. 

I borrow perspectives from time to time from the amazing people I with whom I work, like Nathalie.  The funny thing is, we all see the world from one perspective, no matter how many we borrow, learn or understand, so my goal is to help you bring your goals to fruition using your own vision of that goal. I do this by thinking about your needs and adjusting plans to meet your lifestyle. I help you create sustainable plans and do not make you follow mine or any generic plan. I hear your story and try to understand the why, how, and what makes you who you are and your goals important. 

Eat well. Be well.

Sarah Wilcox MS RD 

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